Lille Norrlyst has gathered the best of both worlds and functions as a gourmet delicatessen during the day and an intimate private dining restaurant in the evening.


Although Lille Norrlyst brings together the best of both worlds, there is a clear common thread – namely the good product, from Denmark.

We believe that there are countless fantastic products in Denmark, and that you do not have to sail products across the globe to be able to find gourmet ingredients. In fact, we believe that many of the Danish products we have are the absolute best in the world, so why look beyond its own backyard for gourmet food.

Therefore, there is also a sustainable common thread in all our food products and virtually all of our beverages are with Danish ingredients and produced in Denmark. Take our cheeses, for example. There are currently 51 dairies across Denmark, and they all produce fantastic cheeses. In our view, the best cheeses are found in Denmark, and therefore you can not find Spanish or French cheeses with us.

It is composed in the way that we create homemade specialties and delicacies that we combine with these amazing products to take them to new heights. This could be the combination of fantastic Fjord ham from Holbæk in combination with home-soured airy butter with salt from Læsø, sourdough bread and a bit of herbal emulsion – see it is a fantastic mouthful!

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